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see... i don't anymore, eeee... but the rule is, never do it with anyone you get involved with... it totally fucks your relationship with them... sex okay, if you don't really like the person.. but if you actually like the person, then... welcome to disfunction junction amplifed one million times. but then you want to feel... any feeling, so you grasp on to that bullshit that weighing you down... and you like it.. you like talking about how you don't like it... it's pretty fucking weird... and you know whats the most fucked up? let's say you don't do it for two years, and you finally feel.. happy, guess what you want to do? fucked up, isn't it?

i noticed you were at the book store, check out kelly howells braynsync... pretty fucking good for me. i try to think of that period right when you know it's all good, and all the shit came through... fool yourself into thinking that like, all day... and it works... now, couldn't you say... it's denial? sure.. but it's only denial if you weren't truly feeling better isn't it? whew
E.e; Hi..heheh i'm sorry this must sound terribly rude, but do i know thee?.. oh gosh i feel so ungrateful now..but i was just curious..
there sit all the candy kids...
endlessly massaging each other
sending out a somewhat illuminous glow
with the huge smiles their faces contain
while everyone crowds around them,
pushed against eachother
jumping around.
all attempting to dance
to the pulsating beat
that rumbles through their bodies.
and still they sit there
the candy kids
not even minding being stepped on endlessly
by the sea of dancers around them
just content to remain
in their cuddle puddle of ecstasy

I feel your pain........s