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to write a real entry, about me.

I'm laurie[lauren] rose falcetano. i live in the ghetto town of toms river new hair is currently nuclear red and so are my fingernails. my current dream is to travel all over the motherfuckahing world with my boy-o.brad patrick powers of vincentown jersee. about an hour away from my residence. i love lollipops and lolita. i want to grow up & be an underground radical.ha ha hoffman style. some people say i change subcultures like my clothes but i really don't. sometimes i don't know what i want to be but i think i've settled for the generic punk thing. can you possibly think..?
i buy most of my clothes secondhand. cause i have no problem looking like a little 80yr old lay-dee. i loverainstorms& i do too many drugs for most of my friends to be comfortable with. i like to stand on the edge of life.otherwise i'm easily bored. my favourite person in the whole wide world is my boy-o.because i think he makes me a better person than i ever could be by myself. he makes me feel happy. the only person i've ever met who've i've cared enough for t o want to be a bettah' person for.
i love getting mail like some people love gettin laid. i like going to the mailbox and finding something with my name on it. im' constantly buying zines and mixtapes and hair dye.[send me mail motherfucker].
i really really don't know where i want to be in 20+yrs, hopefully out of jersee,and the resounding areas. i want to get out of this cesspool. maybe go to philly or migrate to ny.somewhere saturated with subcultures. i get overly passionate.especially with my fear of the ordinary. i feel like my life is going to end up like the movie kids[in your grill yo]
i haven't talked to my boy-o in like.. a day..ha ha. he sent me an email..incorporating his emo-lovely phrase in i'm not sharing. but it made me feel all full & fluttery.
comment on my layout cause its' hott & yer fuckin jelaous.
send me maily-o: Laurie Falcetano
1179 North Maple Ave
Toms River, Nj,08755.
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