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you'll be on my mind...for-ever...

I would cross the endless sea, i would die in xtc, but i'd be a bag of bones, driving down the road alone
Could Laurie possibly be this in love, ladies and gentlemen?..
I think the answer to that question is a YES YES YES, i can't stop, but i want to smile, even when nothing is going right for me, he makes me smile, inch by inch he lets me in, inside his head..his "everything".. heh..this song is funny, one he made me download in exchage for some emo tune, i begged for.
I say his name so much i swear it leaves a taste in my mouth, sweet like drugs, but bitter too, cynical from..what?..young loss?..
He never speaks of his dad,i don't even know if the subject is sensitive, except he told me he didn't cry, thats okay.. i totally cry enough for us both.
"She" is nothing..she is a speck, less than that..nothing.. he never loved anyone like me..and never will..he'll always love his Laurie..his cupcake.
I never thought. i never thought. i never thought.
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