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i shall write now or forget later

I honestly think..he is the in m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e.. i can't ever see myself loving anyone else ever.
Not even wanting to touch anyone else.
He cried tonight..trying to get the words much he loved me.. he fucking cried..and i cried.. he said it kills him..fuckin hurts be away from me..wether it be 5 seconds or 5 days.He'd die for me, as i would be him, because without his love, life is a bleak state.

He says i'm the most beautiful girl in the world. The most beautiful girl he's ever seen. and that i can't ever leave him..he whimpered..he begged.. i cried..and melted and cried. and pledged infinite love. He's my darling only star in the velvet sky. and i love him more than forever exists.
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